About Us

Nomad [noh-mad] - noun -
A member of a people who have no fixed residence but move from place to place usually seasonally and within a well-defined territory.

The idea behind the bar is a very simple one. Every person has a bit of nomad in them. We have been put on this planet not to sit in one place, but to explore. Our day to day lives has become so routine, and so simple that we have started to lose this value over time. In the fast paced plane of modern society, we forget what our ancestors had to do in order for us to exist all over this beautiful planet.

We can thank all of the original pioneer nomads who had no other choice but to explore, discover, and learn all of the great secrets that Earth has to offer. Everyday people sitting at their desks plan out their dream vacations and imagine going on trips that are not probable or maybe not even possible in their current situation. This is because each of us has a little piece of those great explorers inside of us screaming at us to get outside, swim through the sunshine, and see something new.

So when the day finally comes and you have been hiking around new trails, swimming in waterfalls, and coming face to face with exotic creatures of the world. Be sure to fuel up with a Nomad Bar.

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