Get Up and Leave: Why You Should Travel Today

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Get Up and Leave - Why You Should Travel Today - Featured Image - Backpacker In Woods Viewing Waterfall

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” 
— Jack Kerouac

Why leave the comfort of your home to experiment and discover the world? Jack Kerouac says it best with the closing, "Don't be sorry." Life should be lived with a backpack full of goodies and without the weight of regret on our shoulders. In case you need a little extra shove, we’ve compiled a few reasons why everyone should get up and Go Nomad!

You Will Grow Tremendously

    Waking up in a culture where you’re the immigrant is humbling: it helps you have a direct appreciation of what it feels like to be the outsider. A full immersion abroad is a challenge that also opens your eyes to new things. It will test and push your own limits, help you learn who you are, and become a better person. Staying in your cocoon is limiting and exhausting. When confronted by the unknown, you will rapidly find yourself having to make decisions, discover what's truly important to you, be resourceful and find ways to make it work. Who knows, one day the scary unknown may become your exhilarating new home.

    It’s Intellectually Stimulating

      The best way to think outside the box is to jump outside of it. Living abroad generates new ideas. From spotting new trends, artistic styles, forms of expression, detecting a need or unmet business opportunity, and for the sole satisfaction of conducting your own anthropological studies, there won’t be a day that you won’t be challenged and inspired.

      There's So Much To See And You Only Live Once!

        Life is too short to limit yourself to one office, or one city, or just one country for that matter. Traveling enables you to see the world and its natural and man-made wonders; to get a closer look at what this world is really made of. From climbing Kilimanjaro to spending your first white night in Russia or walking the Great Wall of China, the possibilities are virtually endless.

        You’re Not Promised Tomorrow

          When it comes to work, let’s face it, most of us are employed to make ends meet. When we work as a means to an end we constantly find ourselves living for the future - after work, the upcoming weekend, a distant vacation... retirement… but the thing is, although we’re working for and towards these milestones, they're not guaranteed. Life can change in the blink of an eye and all of our future investments can stop dead in their tracks. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor while they’re still ripe!

          You’ll Make New Friends

            Leaving your circle will push you to create meaningful relationships. People you meet on the road generally become friends for life: you've met on the crossroads of your old life and a new one on a land with seemingly endless horizons. Friends on the road give you a different perspective on life, they help you discover and navigate their culture, and mostly, they share with you this magical journey we nomads crave - new life experience. Meeting folks from new and exotic cultures will also test your communication skills as well as your ability to socialize and interact with people from different horizons. You'll learn to appreciate the simple joys of life as well as the complex emotions and traits within you.

            You’ll Have Cool Stories To Tell

              Traveling is about living the moment, but the memories you create will live with you forever. From the moment you leave until well after your return, there won’t be a time where others won’t ask you what it was like to live abroad. It’s a great way to connect with people and inspire them to travel, too. And it gets even cooler when you stumble across someone who's been and lived there, too.

              Once You’re There, You’ll Wish You Had Left Sooner

                Sometimes the longer you wait, the more glorious and appreciated that moment of freedom or awe becomes, other times you’ll wonder what you had been waiting for. Once you make it to that summit and all your worries and stress melt away in awe you’ll wonder why you had been carrying it for so long. Don’t sweat it, though, that realization’s fuel for the next adventure’s fire.

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